Talmar Anderson Answers: When Should You Hire?

I’ll be honest with you: even after all this time having my own business, I still have baggage when it talks to talking about money.

Money is a sensitive topic for almost everyone, and I think it’s even more sensitive for people who come from the world of education and training, for lots of possible reasons:

1. Educators in general are paid less than we should be, so we’re conditioned to believe that our work is not valuable.
2. We believe that education should be accessible, which means affordable, which means we don’t charge what we should.
3. We work way more than we should, and we’re used to doing it all ourselves. Since we CAN do a lot ourselves, we think we SHOULD.
4. Many of us have never been in a position where we hire anyone, let alone hire based on a company’s growth.

The list goes on and on.

It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but we need to, because one of the most important things you can do for your business is GROW your business by hiring a team.

And talking about hiring means talking about money: Can you afford to hire someone else to help you do the work? Can you afford not to?

At some point, we all struggle with these questions, usually in isolation.

Well, no longer: Talmar Anderson of Boss Actions shares her best advice about WHEN to hire. Talmar shares her tips on how to figure out your situation based on numbers so that you can make this decision once and for all!


Interview Highlights

  • The difference between DELIVERABLE hires and OPERATIONAL hires
  • Identifying hiring triggers
  • Track the time that you’re spending on tasks within the business
  • Mindset shifts to take the leap and make the hire
  • Why an assistant shouldn’t necessarily be your first hire (although it can be!)
  • What trends to look for in your sales to know when to hire

Find out more about how Talmar can help you go from business owner to BOSS at BossActions.com and get the video series on how to find people to hire. She’s also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as The Boss Actions.

Check out the full interview below!