Vacation Preparation: What I Do to Keep Learning Design Projects Going While I’m Gone

After a very, very long summer stuck in sticky Virginia, I’m finally going on vacation this week…

I’m looking forward to time away, of course, but I feel like what I really need is a vacation from preparing for vacation… because as anyone with a business knows, it takes work to be able to take off work.

You’ve got to set up your autoresponder. And schedule your social media (and emails, if you want). You have to make sure that projects continue while you’re out, so you need to delegate tasks and set milestones. And it takes constant work to actually let yourself disconnect completely, especially if you have a couple of important proposals out there in the world…

But I know that extra work is worth it. So here’s me on FB Live as I go through some of the steps to prepare.

Want to recreate these steps for your own vacation preparation? Check out this week’s small wins 

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

Vacation preparation What I do to keep learning design projects going while I'm gone