How to Use Zoom for Virtual Meetings

If you communicate and collaborate with people in multiple locations, then you want to know how to use Zoom.

Zoom is a web conferencing service that is free to use for group meetings up to 40 minutes. The Pro version features unlimited duration group meetings.

I’ve used what seems to be every web conferencing tool out there including WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, ClickMeeting, and Google Hangouts, and I think Zoom is the best option for a few of reasons.

  1. It has many, many features in the free version, including up to 50 participants and unlimited meetings. The Pro version is extremely cost effective ($14.99 a month, which is a small fraction of what most other services charge for the same features) and is the version I use.
  2. It’s very reliable and more intuitive than other options.
  3. It has great engagement features like annotation, chat, screensharing, and breakout rooms, which make it fantastic for leading webinars or online classes.
  4. You can record (and even automatically record) your meetings for future reference.

You can sign up for free here.

How to Use Zoom 

Below is a complete video tutorial on how to use this communication tool; scroll down if you want a list of step-by-step instructions or to download the simple PDF checklist.

  1. Getting Started

1.1. If you don’t have an account, sign up

Zoom Session.003

1.2. Download Zoom to your computer and/or phone and complete installation

Zoom Session.004

1.3. Open Zoom and select “Sign in”

Zoom Session.005

1.4. Set your audio and video settings

Zoom Session.006

1.5. Review and edit 
profile settings

Zoom Session.007

  1. Join a Meeting

2.1. Open Zoom


2.2. Select Join

Zoom Session.010

2.3. Enter Meeting ID

Zoom Session.011

2.4. Double check audio and video settings

Zoom Session.012

  1. Host a meeting/webinar

3.1. Schedule a meeting

Zoom Session.014

3.2. Add meeting details

Zoom Session.015

3.3. Invite participants

Zoom Session.016

3.4. Set up your desktop with documents/materials you want to share

Zoom Session.017

3.5. Start meeting (from web app, desktop app, or phone app)

Zoom Session.018

3.6. Check audio and video settings

Zoom Session.019

3.7. Record

Zoom Session.020

3.8. Share your screen

Zoom Session.021

3.9. Manage participants

Zoom Session.022

3.10. Chat

Zoom Session.023

3.11. End meeting

Zoom Session.024

3.12. Access recording

Zoom Session.025