Online Teaching Jobs: Types of Virtual Teaching Jobs

With the growing popularity of robust web conferencing tools like Zoom and, teaching online has never been easier. Because of this, there are more online teaching jobs available than ever before, and the field is growing.

All the equipment you need to teach online is a computer with a camera and microphone—and above all, a decent internet connection. Some companies will require that you use a certain delivery platform, such as a proprietary platform or a third-party tool like Zoom.

Teaching online is a fabulous opportunity for those who already have teaching experience (and maybe want to get out of the classroom) and for those who are looking for teaching experience. We know many teachers who have gotten their start teaching online!

We’ll be posting a series of posts all about online teaching jobs, so stay tuned for additional information on this growing field!

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Types of Online Teaching Jobs


One-on-one tutoring is one of the most common online teaching gigs. You can work with your own client base, or you can work with a company that specializes in online tutoring. Online tutoring is ideal if you have been tutoring face-to-face. This is because it allows you to tutor more clients without having to spend time going to and from appointments. If you don’t already have a client base, working with a company can be a good place to start. As with any role, you’re more likely to make more money if you 1) have prior experience and 2) are an expert in your field.

Companies Hiring Online Tutors: 

Virtual Schools

If you want to teach in the US, teaching in a virtual school can be a good option. In these organizations, you’ll be hired as a teacher to teach a specific grade level and/or subject. Many of these jobs will require that you be certified to teach in a specific state.

Example Companies Hiring Online Teachers:

Language Education Online Teaching Jobs

If you speak multiple languages or are interested in teaching English to non-native speakers, there are many online teaching opportunities available. If you enjoy working with children, you are in luck! Many of these online teaching jobs are teaching kids.

Example Companies Hiring Online Language Teachers: 

Higher Education Online Teaching Jobs

If you have a Master’s or terminal degree, you may be a good candidate to teach a college-level course online. Colleges and universities are adding new online classes all the time, and these courses need instructors. You’ll have a better chance of landing these jobs if you have previous experience teaching in post-secondary positions.

Example Universities Hiring Online Instructors: 

Corporate Training Online Teaching Jobs

Schools and universities aren’t the only places you can apply your teaching skills—many organizations hire facilitators and trainers to deliver virtual training to their employees.

Example Companies Hiring Virtual Trainers and Facilitators: 


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Online Teaching Jobs