3 Simple Steps to Start Creating Online Courses

So you’ve decided to create an online course… congratulations! That’s a big step for your business, and you should be excited about all the new things you’re going to learn as you go through this process. (Isn’t that really the fun part?!) But now… just how do you start creating online courses?

That’s one of the most common questions I get when people ask me about creating online courses.

I answer this question in my latest Facebook live video below.

Basically, I suggest three steps:

1. Craft your expertise profile

Identify your unique brand of expertise — that magic space that encompasses your passions, strengths, AND what people value.

2. Identify marketable course topics

From there, research course topics that are marketable—meaning that people are willing to pay for courses on these topics!

3. Choose your topic and title

Get feedback on your short list of topics from your ideal users.

Watch the video below to hear more details.

Want even more details on how to choose your topic and title?

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3 simple steps to start creating online courses