Places to Learn Online

Summer is ending, which means that fall is just around the corner. No matter how old I get, this particular change in seasons always gets me thinking about school, new beginnings, and learning. If you have access to the internet, you have access to literally thousands of learning opportunities — but figuring out where exactly you should go to learn can be daunting.  Curious about places to go to learn online? There are three basic categories of places you can go to learn online:

  1. Internal Learning Programs 

Individual educational institutions will often offer internal courses; if you are enrolled in a school and take an online course, it is possible your course will fall into this category. If you are employed at a business that offers training, you’ll also often find internal online courses. If you are enrolled in a high school, college or university, or if you are employed by an organization that offers internal training, those courses will likely be hosted on the Learning Management System (LMS) that organization uses. Popular LMSs include: Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Litmos, and TalentLMS

  1. Course marketplaces

If you have not taken a course at a school, chances are you’ve taken a MOOC or have at least heard of them. A Massive Open Online Course is usually a free course whose aim is extremely high enrollment. Examples of MOOC marketplaces are:

Besides MOOCs, you can take online courses in other marketplaces that might offer both free and paid courses. Examples include:

  1. Individual websites/businesses

Individual websites or businesses offer free and paid online courses that are usually much more specific and targeted than the courses you find in marketplaces. An example of this is a company that specializes in interior design offering a paid course to its clients as a way to add value to the services they provide. Learning in Bloom also offers our own courses

Once you enroll in an online course, make sure that you practice good online learning habits.

Have you taken an online course recently? Would you recommend it to others? Share in the comments!