Personalized Professional Development

We’re almost halfway through January, which means you’ve likely already thought about or completely planned your professional development goals for 2017. Here’s the thing about goals:

They’re easy to set, but not that easy to attain. 

While the achievement of goals is certainly the hard part, you can make that objective more achievable if you follow some simple rules. After all of my experiences developing learning plans and setting my own goals, I’ve learned the following lessons:

1. Set goals that are concrete and task-based
If you focus on what you want to be able to do with the skills you’re working on it will be easier to measure your progress.

2. You get what you measure, so measure what you want to get
This means dividing big goals into smaller, measurable steps, and actually tracking those steps. However, you track your goals, make sure you’re consistent.

3. Be strategic and intentional about your professional development.
Just as you should be strategic and intentional about any goals you set, your professional development deserves careful planning and attention.

4. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what you should be working on.
Some people are lucky and have bosses, mentors, or coaches that regularly communicate what they should be improving. You may be one of those lucky people! Even if you do have someone that gives you performance reviews, you should constantly be cultivating your learning mindset. Constant learning keeps your brain happy and healthy, and it demonstrates to your colleagues and supervisors that you’re committed to improving your work.

For all these reasons, I’m a fan of Personalized Professional Development — meaning a professional development plan that you create and track yourself. If you’ve never developed a learning plan, I’ve put together a short, free workshop on creating your own personalized professional development plan for 2017. The workshop includes a video, workbook, templates, and an interactive checklist to track your progress.

To sign up, just enter your information in the form below or by visiting this page.

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