Mighty Networks Live Test Drive

After my conversation with Jen Polk of Self-Employed PhD, I decided to take Mighty Networks for a little live test drive to see what the platform is like.

Watch the full test drive below!

I love Mighty Networks’:

  • Interface. It is indeed as user-friendly and pretty as they say (and fast!)
  • Events. I love that you can add different types of events and they export to the user’s calendar.
  • Easy subscription setup. It seemed very simple to set up plans to get paid.
  • Interactive elements like chat, polls, questions, etc.
  • It looks very much like a social media network, which means it will likely be easy for users to get used to the look and feel of it. (But correct me if I’m wrong here.)
  • Options for grouping members. I still don’t quite understand the distinctions between groups and types, but I am sure all I need is for someone to comment with a simple explanation of how they do this in their own Mighty Network.

I didn’t love:

  • That you can’t embed within courses or articles. It turns out you can embed links in quick posts (it comes up more like a post preview), but that doesn’t address the issue I have with embedding.
  • The course interface didn’t seem much like a course. I was maybe doing something wrong here, but I wanted to lessons to be more prominent.
  • There’s no native option for checking for knowledge, like a form or quiz.

The Verdict

Overall, I give Mighty Networks two enthusiastic thumbs up if you are looking to develop a membership site. I would hesitate to rely on the platform if you need to deliver courses that are more than a compilation of video, text, and images.

I have been considering creating a membership site, but I would need some feedback from actual users before I move forward! Are you a member of a Mighty Network? What do you think of the experience?

Mighty Networks Live Test Drive