Libraries Offer Free Access to Lynda

Just another reason to love your local library — you may be able to get free access to Lynda!  

If you’re asking “who’s Lynda?” the short answer is: Lynda is a learning platform owned by LinkedIn where you can learn hundreds of business-focused skills, like web development, photography, and design.

One of my favorite features is that there are some pre-designed learning paths for you to follow so you don’t have to figure out on your own what class you should take next. Here’s an example learning path to learn how to be a Project Coordinator. 

It’s a fabulous resource and even better if you can get it for free. So check with your local library to see if you may be able to get access. 

How to Use Lynda To Learn Something New

  1. Sign up for an account (maybe for free!
  2. Choose a course. Need help deciding? Click here. 
  3. Get learning! 
  4. Practice good online learning habits

However you choose to use this resource, make sure you’re consistent in your learning practice. Happy learning!

Get free access to Lynda from your local library - Learning in Bloom