How to Learn Something New

If you’re like me and you are constantly wanting to learn new things, here’s the Learning in Bloom method of how to learn something new.

Since I think like a teacher, when I set out to learn a new skill I apply adult learning and instructional design principles to make sure I make consistent and visible progress. I’ve broken down this process using the Learning in Bloom method of learning-based engagement to make this accessible to anyone who has personal or professional learning goals. Sometimes learning goals can seem overwhelming or unattainable, but if you break it down into smaller goals, and have a system for achieving them, you can actually visualize your progress which can keep you motivated. If you can see progress, you’re also more likely to set additional goals for yourself to continue your growth.


Here are the four steps to learn something new:

Explore. Do some research to determine your specific objectives, timeline, and resources. Give yourself a time limit for this research so you don’t waste all your time trying to decide, as opposed to actually making progress towards your goals.

Share. Think like a teacher and go about learning the content as if you had to teach it to someone else.

Do. Apply the skills that you’re learning to a real situation. Practice, practice, practice!

Reflect. Take an assessment, do some self-reflection, discuss your progress with someone else, or present what you’ve learned.

The real key here is to be as consistent as you possibly can. This can be challenging for some, so try using a tool that can help you keep track of things and send you reminders — in an upcoming post, I’ll share how I do this with the project management app Asana. You can use something as simple as an Excel or Google sheet, a word doc, Evernote… use whatever is easy for you that you can be consistent with.