How to Learn Online eBook Now Available on Amazon Kindle!

Most materials and tools about online learning are designed to help instructors or instructional designers create effective learning experiences—which is awesome for us instructional designers!

But it’s always struck me that there aren’t many resources out there that help people learn online effectively.

What happens when an online course is perfectly designed, but its users are unfamiliar with the technology or foundations of online learning?

The answer is simple: most learners never finish the online courses they sign up for.

This has probably happened to you or the learners signed up for your courses, too.

After creating, delivering, and taking dozens of online courses and countless online learning experiences, I thought it was time to create just such a resource.

So, I’m happy to announce that my book How to Learn Online: Tools and Strategies to Help You Succeed in Online Courses is now available on Amazon Kindle!

How to learn online book

The How to Learn Online ebook is for adult learners enrolled in online classes—whether for a degree or credential or personal development—who want to make the most of their learning experience.

If you’ve started but never finished online courses, or if you haven’t enrolled because you don’t know what to expect, this book can help!

The strategies in this book are simple and can be implemented immediately in your online learning.

Here’s what’s in the book:

  • Pros and cons of online learning
  • Types of online learning
  • Choosing an online course
  • Common components of online courses
  • Habits of good online learners
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Online learning checklist

Click here to purchase the book on Amazon. The accompanying workbook is available here.

Thanks to all who have already purchased, and special thanks to those who have ever given me feedback on my teaching, blog, or other work—I couldn’t have done this without you!

How to Learn Online ebook now available on Amazon Kindle