Information Product Power Planning: Online Workshop

So let me ask you this: if you’ve been thinking about creating an ecourse, workshop, ebook, or other information product this summer, how far have you gotten? 

I see this all the time with my clients and with other people who have all the expertise and desire to create a transformative learning product. 

They have an idea, and they have some thoughts about what they need to do to get there, but they don’t have a real plan

Well, I’m not sure if you know this about me, but planning is my jam. 

My Jam, Explained

When a learning entrepreneur comes to me with an idea for selling an information product, the first step is to come up with a detailed plan that includes ALL the information you need to take to figure out next steps. I do that in an intensive, 2-hour, one-on-one strategy session with the client where we determine clear objectives and action items that will help them get there. The session has a very specific outcome: a plan and timeline for creating an information product. It’s usually just what someone needs to get an ecourse project started quickly.

Here’s what Joanne said about our power planning session:

“I walked away from the session with Tammy with clear action steps and a strategy to take forward, a timeline, and a really exciting sense of what the future held […] I just can’t recommend her enough for anyone who is trying to figure out how to monetize their assets and pass on their expertise in an online or web-based learning program.”

I usually only offer these sessions as one-on-one sessions, but I’m offering a behind-the-scenes look at my process in a hands-on Zoom workshop this month!


Here’s what the power planning workshop includes:

On Monday, June 23, from 1-2:30 pm EDT, I’ll: 
• Share the agenda I use for the power planning strategy sessions
• Walk you through the steps I take to identify objectives, products, formats, platforms, and determine an outline and action items

Then we’ll: 
• Workshop an example idea, creating an action plan as a group
• Provide feedback on the end result

Then, on your own, you’ll: 
• Create your own “power plan” based on what we cover in the workshop

If you’ve been in the classroom, then you’ll recognize this as the “I do, we do, you do” model of explicit instruction!

This is NOT a webinar presentation where I just tell you what I do and then you can ask some questions. We’re going to do a deep dive into my whole planning process and the decisions that go into it. It’s going to be informative as well as collaborative, and there will be FUN involved as well!

Want in? It’s just $49 to attend, which is just a fraction of what I charge for a one-on-one session.

If you know you want some more personalized feedback on your own ideas, be one of the first 5 people to sign up, and I’ll provide suggestions and other feedback in detailed written and video comments.

Get that knowledge product out of your head and into the world!