Facebook and Instagram Hacks to Find Your Audience: Interview with Angie Dunnigan

In an earlier Facebook Live interview, you heard about the importance of surveying your audience and getting feedback from your courses. In this interview with Angie Dunnigan of AKA Media Marketing, we’ll hear specific Facebook and Instagram ad tricks to find your audience on social media.

You’ll learn how to use tagging, keywords, and interest categories in your next ad to land your business in the news feed of those who WANT your product or service.

Here are her top 3 hacks for finding your audience

  1. Become a relevance ninja: you want your relevance score to be between 7 and 10
  2. Be a social stalker: Install a Facebook pixel on your site to capture data from people who are interested in your product(s) and service(s)
  3. Twinning is winning: Use lookalike audiences to grow your reach

Watch the full interview below!


To learn more about Angie and her business, visit her website.


Facebook and instagram hacks to find your audience