Daily Learning-Based Engagement

I look at every day as a learning opportunity and a chance to deepen my connections. I’m not saying that every day I always do my absolute best at taking advantage of those opportunities, but I certainly try to make learning-based engagement part of my daily practice.


One of the ways that I do that is by using that four-part method of explore, share, do, and reflect.

Every day I try to:

Explore: Learn something new (about myself, my customers, my industry, how to improve my business)

Share: Commit to connecting by sharing knowledge with at least one other person. This can be by forwarding a helpful article, giving someone free advice, teaching someone a new skill, writing a blog post, recording a video, etc.

Do: Deliver on a promise. Whether that’s an actual deliverable that you’re tasked with, or just a promise made in passing during a past conversation, try to follow through with something every day.

Reflect: Take time every day to reflect on the connections that you worked on today. What did you learn, if anything? What can you do tomorrow to deepen additional connections?

Again, I’m not perfect, so I don’t follow through with this every single day. But I do have these four words stuck to my computer and as a sticky note on my desktop, to remind me to consider these four words throughout the day. It’s not just about the daily learning-based engagement — it’s about trying to use those four steps in everything I do.

Here’s your challenge for this week:

Commit to sharing knowledge with one person per day. Send an acquaintance an article that’s relevant to them, or take a junior colleague out to coffee to see what kind of guidance they might need. Or, document some standard operating procedures to give to a new hire, and write a blog post that gives insight into your industry. It could even be as simple as forwarding this blog post!

Finally, what you share can be big or small, but try it out every day and see the kinds of connections that come out of it.