Best Podcasts for Learning Professionals

If you’re in the business of learning, chances are you’re always looking for more opportunities to learn. Podcasts are a useful source to learn from since you can listen while doing something else. I find myself listening to podcasts and audio more often than watching videos, because I can listen to them while working out, driving, or doing chores. There are so many options out there—how do you know which shows you should listen to? We’ve rounded up some of the best podcasts for learning professionals in these categories: Edtech and Education Innovation, Learning & Development, Teaching, Higher Education, Learning Businesses, and Finance (because ALL of us–whether we’re full time teachers or entrepreneurs—need to know what we should be doing with the money we earn!).


Best Podcasts for Learning Professionals

Edtech & Education Innovation

Learn about what’s going on in the world of edtech and education innovation—you might be inspired to develop a solution to some of the issues these podcasts address!


Host Don Wettrick interviews experts in education, innovation and entrepreneurship. This podcast is interesting to anyone who cares about the direction education is headed, and wants to learn about different perspectives on edtech and innovation trends in schools.

Ed Influencers from ISTE

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Chief Learning Officer Joseph South interviews edtech leaders who are influencing the future of learning.


Learning & Development

These podcasts share best practices and trends in the corporate training space. Even if you’re not in that field exactly, I recommend listening to some of these—I always love seeing how topics and approaches in one field can be used in another.

Learning Now Radio

The Learning Now Radio podcast features conversations with thought leaders in global corporate learning and development.

The eLearning Coach

Connie Malamed is a learning experience design consultant and host of the eLearning Coach podcast, where she interviews other eLearning professionals on design, development, graphics, portfolios… you name it, if it’s about online and mobile learning, it’s on this podcast!



Teaching is one of the most challenging professions—these podcasts show you you’re not alone, and also provide concrete tips/strategies for all aspects of being a teacher.

Truth for Teachers

A weekly podcast for teachers in which host Angela Watson speaks about teaching and life as an educator.

Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzalez hosts this podcast that delves into teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, and educational technology.

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Higher Education

Higher ed, with its special blend of focus on research and teaching, is it’s own little world. These podcasts share insights into both aspects of working in higher education.

Research in Action

Research in Action (RIA) is a podcast about topics and issues related to research in higher education from Oregon State University.

Teaching in Higher Ed

The Teaching in Higher Ed podcast is about faculty development for professors. With topics like assessments and cultural competence, if you teach at the college level this show is for you.

Learning Businesses

If you’ve created a business based on your expertise—whether it’s consulting, online teaching, creating online courses, or selling your teaching materials—have a listen to these podcasts that will help you grow your business.

Elite Edupreneurs

Elite Edupreneurs host Rachel Davis is a school counselor turned entrepreneur—her platform of choice? Teachers Pay Teachers. In this podcast she talks with other educators who have found success on the TPT platform about how they got there.

Online Marketing Made Easy

While not specific just to learning entrepreneurs, anyone who needs to market their business online will find this podcast useful. Host Amy Porterfield also does quite a few posts on creating online courses and how to market your expertise.


Even if you don’t specialize in financial education as an educator, financial literacy and learning is important. And educators often don’t focus enough on their financial health. Here are some podcasts that can help you gain confidence when talking about and learning about money.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi is a personal finance expert, and in this podcast she interviews other personal finance experts and entrepreneurs who share best practices in managing your money.

Afford Anything

Host Paula Pant answers personal finance questions and interviews experts and people who are working towards/have achieved financial independence (FI).


What are your favorite podcasts for learning professionals?


Best podcasts for learning professionals