5 Ways Small Businesses can Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an essential component of employee management that can drive, grow, and develop an agile business to thrive in today’s hyper-paced markets. Disengaged employees can cause decreased productivity and profitability, costly mistakes, employee turnover, and a toxic environment which can all threaten the overall health of an organization. Small businesses may not be able to employ a whole department to addressing this issue, but companies with even the smallest budgets can make strides to improve employee engagement. 

5 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

  1. Invest in the growth of your employees. Companies who invest in their people by helping them grow professionally are viewed more favorably by employees than those in organizations that don’t. Examples: Workshops, classes, conferences, or a comprehensive learning & development program
  2. Offer growth opportunities, like leadership roles, additional responsibilities, and ownership over projects.
  3. Allow flexibility. As much as your organization is able, explore opportunities to allow your employees some flexibility of location, schedule, and/or space.
  4. Give employees purpose. What motivates us to work? Hint: it’s not all about the money. While we all need to make a living, beyond meeting our basic needs, money is not the universal motivator we think it is. What really motivates us is making constant progress, feeling a sense of purpose, and feeling invested in the company/product. For more information on what really drives us, check out Daniel Pink’s book Drive or Dan Ariely’s TED talk: What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work. 
  5. Give and accept feedback. Providing regular, constructive feedback is a key indicator of job satisfaction, and is one of the easiest ways you can make an impact in a short window of time.

All of these suggestions can be implemented by any organization of any size. To make it even easier to take this information and apply it to your organization, here are 5 things you can do today for $0:

  1. Plan an in-house skills workshop where employees share best practices
  2. Assign someone ownership over a project or additional responsibilities
  3. Share the free Personalized Professional Development workshop with your employees 
  4. Send out an employee engagement survey
  5. Give someone feedback